Hi, I'm René

I'm a creative problem solver, branding expert, music head and fresh air fanatic, based between London & Margate

What I do?

With over 20 years of experience in brand marketing, design, content creation, ecommerce and music production, I can help you make your brand, product or service matter.

I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge, focussed upon unlocking the full potential of your project via creative thinking, design, strategy & customer engagement.

My Expertise

Branding & Design

Business Development

Digital & eCommerce

Music Consultancy
& Sound Design

Market Research
& Analysis

Strategy &

Brand Building


Brands I have helped


I also speak Music..

I'm also a trained audio engineer, producer, musician & creative musical director.

After moving to London in 2006, I've been pivotal in building-up a leading Sound Design brand.

What's next?

I currently focus on shaping and implementing new, meaningful projects & opportunities, based upon the intersection of music, art, tech and commerce.​

And, I'm trilingual

Born to Dutch parents and growing up in Germany, I'm fluent in speaking & writing Dutch, German and English.

Right now I'm settled in the United Kingdom, where I live & work when I'm not travelling.


Music Consultant


Creative Project Manager


Freelance Brand Consultant

Ready to get started?

Now you know about me, let's talk about you...


Having a sharp eye for detail, I have a strong passion for capturing the wonderful world around me.

Check out some of my recent photography below.